The Folk Music Hall of Fame is dedicated to curating the music that built our nation, and remembering those who created this music for the benefit of all people. We are creating a home for the music and memories of brilliants artists to live on and inspire future generations to create their own original words and dreams. The Museum will honor the legends of Folk Music with an annual televised induction ceremony filmed and broadcasted from Washington D.C.
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The Folk Music Hall of Fame and Museum will be dedicated to the incredible Journey of the people who created, performed and preserved American Folk Music over the past 400 years. This Journey chronicles and mirrors the American Experience and its music is the soundtrack of the hardships and struggles, the hope and exhilaration of those who tread that path.

The Legends

The Legends—leaving a legacy and inspiration for the generations to come. Even today, artists continue to grow from the foundation that these and many other legends have worked to build. Their pictures speak louder than a thousand words, their faces reect the journey of a dozen generations, their music resounds forever!

Trampled By Turtles

Who will be the faces of the Folk Music of tomorrow? The voices of the generations to come? These young people and their peers will be the chroniclers and conscience ... the creators and performers ... the voices of this generation and of generations to come. They revere the legends ... they honor the past ... and they write and perform for the future.

The New Generation